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Mentoring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Mentoring - Essay Example As the paper declares in several aspects, modern day relationships of mentoring are different from the past. In old times, the main objective of mentoring was just one-way transfer of extensive amount of information and awareness. The mentee used to be just a recipient and most of the times had little control or authority in this relationship. Their relationship used to last for certain days or months, and one mentee was only allowed to have one mentor. Moreover, Mentoring used to happen on only face-to-face basis. According to the report findings majority of the schools conduct number of extracurricular activities like swimming, baseball, football or soccer etc., there is no school with an extracurricular lab for computer having a computer coach to maintain it. The reactions towards various attempts to introduce mentoring for students of high schools have been spoilt with everything from lack of sympathy to opposition. An individual needs to have a teaching certificate in order to join a school as a teacher and not some new ideas or motivation. Another major barrier that female mentors come across everyday is gender barrier. From both physiological and social point of view female mentors are highly discouraged by the society. School districts with effective mentor programs actively seek accomplished veteran staff members to serve as mentors. Several stakeholders should discuss and contribute to the construction of a profile of the kind of person who would serve as a mentor. Several sources sug gest the kind of qualities to look for in a mentor.

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Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2 Literature review

Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2 - Literature review Example An examination of an array of literature documents various areas of weakness in addressing the problem. However, the literature review also finds that the measures that are often taken are not misinformed, only that they are not all that is required in addressing the problem. In order to deal address cases of alcohol abuse among the youthful population, understanding the causes of alcohol abuse is important. There is the need to understand the causes of alcohol abuse examine the implications of every approach and come up with a regulatory framework that is well informed. Indeed, as highlighted, the most feasible approach of addressing the problem of alcohol abuse amongst the children is that which recognizes the need of adopted concerted approaches, as opposed to inclining only a few approaches. Modifiable risk habits, including smoking, alcohol consumption, drug consumption, bad diet as well as physical inactivity, both personal and collectively, contribute to morbidity as well as death throughout life. Critically, risk habits are common among the children and the urge to engage in habits rises with an increase in age in teenage years, often extending into adulthood. A couple of surveys have illustrated clustering of habits that are risky, and statistics from the United States, Canada and England show that between six and thirteen percent of teenagers smoke daily, imbibe alcohol and consume illegal drugs (Tonkiss, 2004). The crucial question is how these could be addressed. This paper seeks to evaluate the current approaches to alcohol abuse among children in London and proceeds to offer some recommendations about the problem. The cases of alcohol abuse in London, as well as other drugs and other concerns are well documented. Initiation of risk habits at an early stage is connected to indulgence in many risk habits both in early teenage as well as late teenage and simultaneous involvement in such habits during teenage is linked to

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Case Study for Final Exam Essay Example for Free

Case Study for Final Exam Essay Green Cabs is an environmentally friendly taxi company in New Zealand which was founded in late 2007 by Callum Brown and three other partners. Green Cabs now operates a multi-million dollar business in three main centres of New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The company is also contemplating expanding into other areas with its distinctive bright green taxis. Callum Brown is the primary inspiration behind Green Cabs. However, you could argue that Al Gore provided the initial spark for Callum to start thinking about being more environmentally conscious personally. Callum is in his 30s and has spent 10 years working in information technology for various government departments and private sector companies as a business analyst. He grew up close to nature and enjoyed activities such as surfing and tramping. All these things kept Callum close to nature. Despite his love affair with nature, Callum was quite sceptical of climate change. He explains: I thought – how can you tell that there is global warming when we’ve only been taking recordings on temperature for the past whatever, how many years. Hence, it could be seen as fairly surprising that Callum founded a green business! This personal awakening was a direct result of watching Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Little did he know at this stage that a major business opportunity would come from his new environmental consciousness. The impetus for the business idea came when Callum was at work. He travelled extensively for work and consequently found himself catching a lot of taxis. It was on one such overnight trip to Auckland that he became aware of the huge amount of carbon emissions he was generating through travel. He elaborates: I sat there watching all the taxis come and drop people off and thought about the emissions and everything they were producing; there’s got to be a better way than this. Why is there no eco-friendly option and that was the light bulb moment, and saying, ah, why not? Following this light bulb moment, Callum contacted a former colleague who was  also a taxi driver. Together the pair set about establishing an environmentally conscious taxi service with two other partners. They struck the New Zealand taxi industry at what they called a lucky time. The government had just tightened legislation to make it consistent for all operators. The Land and Transport Authority was supportive and helpful in making sure everything the emerging Green Cabs did was in line with the new legislation. The Authority too was excited by what Green Cabs was hoping to achieve. Once started, Green Cabs experienced rapid growth and within six months had approximately 85 cabs and self-employed drivers and employed 15 support staff (mostly in its 24-hour call centre). Callum never had aspirations to become an entrepreneur, nor any experience in business ownership, but his extensive work background as a business analyst made him feel he was well equipped to investigate whether the Green Cabs idea would be successful. In fact, prior to coming up with the business idea Callum felt afraid of the risk involved in having his own business. However, once he had the idea, these risks vanished: I was so passionate about Green Cabs, once I had the idea, there were no perceivable risks for me. That was how strong the drive was to do it . . . It’s like I’ve never doubted for a moment that Green Cabs was going to succeed. It has. Any concerns Callum had about risk were dissipated when he took on a number of business partners to share the risk. These business partners all understood and were sympathetic to the worsening state of the environment and to Callum’s vision for the company. Callum’s vision resulted in a company which entered the taxi industry with the goal of achieving much more than a traditional taxi firm. Green Cabs wanted to force change, to preserve the environment and inform the public about climate change. This meant a whole new way of thinking about business and the principles of the business founders were intertwined with the business model. Green Cabs offers the same basic service as any other taxi company. The key difference is that it is an environmentally conscious company. The main means of the company being environmentally friendly is that its vehicles are hybrids (Toyota Prius). There are substantially fewer ongoing running costs in providing the service. Green Cabs passes these savings onto consumers and is therefore able to offer considerably lower prices than its competitors. It already is forcing change in the taxi industry with many competitors rapidly switching to hybrids  because they can see they will save on emissions a nd fuel costs. The difference between these competitors and Green Cabs is that those changing due to lower running costs do not necessarily have environmental concerns at the forefront of their decision making as does Green Cabs. Indeed, sceptics could argue that the competition is switching because it is losing market share to Green Cabs and is attempting to imitate the service. Therefore, Green Cabs has been successful in changing behaviour in the industry to being more environmentally friendly, but this has come at a cost to the business, as Callum explains: I have had such an impact on the market that I had planned, that they (competitors) are now switching. Now, from an environmental point of view, it’s fantastic that I could have that impact, but from a business point of view it’s not good. However, competitors are still failing to offset their carbon emissions whereas Green Cabs prides itself on being carbon neutral. To achieve this Green Cabs drives only the Toyota Prius, the car it considers to be the best option for lessening the impact on the environment. The remainder of its carbon emissions are ‘paid for’ by providing funding for trees to be planted (predominantly in the developing world). Green Cabs donates to ‘Trees for the Future’, an organisation that has already organised the planting of 50 million trees, which retrieve approximately a million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere annually ( Green Cabs also ‘pays off’ its carbon debt prior to its accrual. That is, it calculates its future carbon footprint (down to the number of squares of toilet paper used) for the next year and funds the planting of sufficient trees to offset this before it emits the carbon. Although this is one of the key environmental strategies Green Cabs carries out, it actually is sceptical of buying carbon credits. This is because this carbon strategy essentially dispatches the problem to someone else; it does not help reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. As such, Green Cabs aims to both reduce carbon and offset before it accumulates. The business model of Green Cabs is based on the premise that the customer has a greater connection with the product or service. By using Green Cabs customers will feel part of a greater commitment to the environment and they will choose Green Cabs product over the competitors. As Callum notes, the  business model is win-win for both consumers and the environment: It is cheaper, it’s eco-friendly, it’s quieter, you’ve got a pleasant driver, we do a whole lot of feel good stuff as well. Give me a reason why you wouldn’t take a Green Cab. Green Cabs target market is the corporate sector and government departments. However, they pay tribute to the ‘grassroots’ support they have received. This is from people who have seen what Green Cabs are doing and even if their company has no agreement with Green Cabs, when they take a taxi they want it to be a Green Cab. Callum has also noted that younger people are more environmentally aware and appreciate the choice they are being offered in Green Cabs. One future development is for Green Cabs to install roof signs on their vehicles to promote the environment. These will not be advertising signs for businesses but to say something individuals can do for the environment. Green Cabs intend to use advertising space on their vehicles to promote the environment, not fizzy drinks or the like! FINDING BALANCE BETWEEN THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROFIT ‘For me anyway, it’s not just about turning a profit.’ – Callum Brown Finding a balance between profit and the environment can be a difficult one. To be successful in Callum’s view, you have to understand and have faith that doing things and sticking closely to the set of values that the company started with is what is going to bring success. Too much compromise for business then you will compromise the overall success of the business. The business might still be profitable but will not captivate the public into changing their behaviour regarding the environment. These environmental values are held firm by Green Cabs and are an underlying part of their distinctive business model. Callum elaborates: If we compromise on those values then that put us at risk of just being like any other taxi company out there and doesn’t set us apart. Following through on their commitment to the environment easy for Green Cabs and they suggest that other should look at the environment differently in their businesses. For example, Callum is frustrated by talk about how much it costs to offset carbon emissions. He suggests people fail to see that the whole process is a cost saving exercise. In becoming sustainable, businesses look at ways of reducing  electricity, travel and so forth. All of these areas can reduce a company’s carbon footprint while also reducing their overall costs. Their commitment to the environment is one side of the equation in Green Cab’s business model. The business must be sustainable and there are investors, franchisees and employees who expect returns from their input into the business. Callum is conscious of this need to make a profit, but he has some boundaries: I want to make some money but at the end of the day, I don’t even need a million dollars a year to live on . . . I really like my life in New Zealand, I like the things that I do and the things that I do don’t cost a lot of money. Callum has found that as the business has grown, more investors (such as potential franchisees) are becoming better aligned with his personal views on the environment. However, that is not necessarily the case for all employees of the company, as Callum notes: I have people working for me who don’t have necessarily the same value set. I mean they’ve got good values and wouldn’t be here if they didn’t but to the degree where mine are – no, they’re not anywhere near there. In April 2009, Green Cabs has grown to 16 employees and 104 drivers. The business has many opportunities to grow their business into other location and other services (e.g. courier services). As the business continues to grow Green Cabs are looking towards carbon neutral certification, and implementing ISO 14001 and 14064 certifications. The ongoing financial success of the company is also attracting more interest from other investors who are not necessarily focused primarily on the environment, but see Green Cabs as a solid investment opportunity.

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Human Life And World Essay -- Philosophy Emotions Papers

Human Life And World I dispute the claim that the disclosure of the life-world by phenomenology is an accomplishment of 'permanent' significance. By briefly reviewing the meaning of the "world" and "life-world" in the writings of Husserl, Gurwitsch, Schutz-Luckmann, Ortega, Heidegger, Jonas, Straus, Sartre and Merleau-Ponty, I show that they all treat the world, or rather the affairs which comprise it, as passively present whether viewed as a mental acquisition or as the "Other." But the meaning of the world-as that wherein are met physical demands upon us which must be satisfied if we are to continue living-cannot be considered either as a mental acquisition or as something that is "other" and over against us. A living being as living cannot fail to attend to the agency of the affairs of which the life-world consists, as well as one's own exploring and coping actions. If we are to really speak of life, then we must acknowledge the mutual and reciprocal activities of living beings and world. Gurwitsch has written that "the disclosure of the life-world [by phenomenology is] an accomplishment of permanent significance." (1974, 12) But is such a claim justifiable? I believe it is not. I shall briefly examine first the way transcendental and then existential phenomenologists understand the meaning of "world" or "life-world" and how the "world" is to be experienced as such, and I shall critique the views of each in turn. The appropriate philosopher with which to begin an examination of any major phenomenological theme is most certainly Husserl. We as objects and subjects find ourselves in our conscious activities in a pre-given world existing for all in common according to Husserl. This world, always already there, is the univ... beings and world. References Dewey, John, Reconstruction in Philosophy, Boston, 1957. Dubos, Rene, The Torch of Life, New York, 1962. Gurwitsch, Aron, Studies in Phenomenology and Psychology, Evanston, 1966. Gurwitsch, Aron, Phenomenology and the Theory of Science, Evanston, 1974. Husserl, Edmund, Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology, Evanston, 1970. Jonas, Hans, The Phenomenon of Life, New York, 1966. Merleau-Ponty, Maurice, Phenomenology of Perception, London, 1962. Ortega y Gasset, Jose, Phenomenology and Art, New York, 1975. Schutz, Alfred, and Luckmann, Thomas, Structures of the Life-World, 2 vols., Evanston, 1973 and 1989. Shotter, John, Social Accountability and Selfhood, Oxford, 1984. Straus, Erwin, "Aesthesiology and Hallucinations," in Existence, ed. by May, Angel, Ellenberger, New York, 1958.

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Sequencing Objectives

Sequencing objectives within classes and courses within curriculum is important because much of what we learn is developed through building blocks of knowledge. For example, In my current field, one must know medical terminology and anatomy and physiology In order to begin a coding class. If one does not know where the perform sinus Is In the human body, one cannot assign â€Å"history of perform sinus cancer† the correct V-code. One would assume that since the word â€Å"sinus† Is In the phrase, the V-code would be included in the nasal cavity and sinus grouping.The horrify sinus is actually located in the pharynx; therefore, the V-code would be in the grouping with oral cavity and pharynx. Sequencing of the Course and Curriculum Regulate and Stein refer to macromolecule sequencing, giving the students an overview (epitome) that outlines the fundamental aspects of the course first. Instruction progresses with each Idea being more detailed and elaborating upon the previ ous one. Objectives are developed to Insure that prerequisite skills are covered before advancing to the next objective. Sequencing of Skills wealth the TopicBasic skills are taught first within each topic, building upon each other. Analyzing Topic Objectives to Determine Learning Outcomes This approach examines the relationship between the course map and the unit map. This approach looks at objectives from different learning domains and the relationship between each, sequencing to insure that prerequisite skills are covered in earlier lessons. Sequencing of Skills within Lessons This mapping Is more detailed oriented. Objectives are sequenced In more detail, broken down Into Individual skills required wealth the lesson presented. Learning Hierarchies and Instructional SequenceAccording to Eagan, when the proper sequence of prerequisite skills is established, intellectual skill instruction is easily managed by the teacher. Knowledge-Based Sequencing Instructional design is represent ed as organizational patterns on the concept map and then used during the development phase to automatically generate instructional maps. Sequencing Content for Online Learning This Involves sequencing knowledge units and learning tasks within those units. Spiral Sequencing of the curriculum. And example of this is in foreign language instruction. Basic grammar skills are revisited continually as the student progresses.

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Information and Strategy on the E-commerce Website...

Introduction: This report gives us detail information about e-commerce electronic web site which is based on an online order with high quality content information to customers. This enterprise was started 40 years ago by Bill Crutchfield as a print â€Å"miagalog† with an objective to provide a new and better approach of shopping experience. Currently the company has built one of the most successful consumer electronics stores online by providing more informative content than its competition. Crutchfield website includes product reviews, videos and online tools supported by a team of experts who can be contacted by medium of phone satellite. Crutchfield generally targets the crowded consumer electronics marketplace by focusing on providing superior service selling millions of electronic devices to aficionados and beginners based on demographic and psychographic features. Crutchfield also targets customers who are electronic enthusiasts who are generally looking for certain specific products where the company delivers distinct content for this type of customer. According the survey conducted by the market analyst, it has concluded that most of the user of this website is found to be men with a percentile of 85 and the age group targeted is to be in the range of 20 to 45 years, who are generally willing to spend minimum amount of $250 per order. guides customer the entire process from choosing the right system they make, model and year of car to

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Analysis Of The Poem The Stone Boy - 1954 Words

According to American industrial designer Adam Savage, â€Å" one of the defining moments of adulthood is the realization that nobody’s going to take care of you.† This statement caused me to cogitate the potential aspects that cause one s shift from childhood into adulthood.Within the four short stories â€Å"Initiation†( Plath, Sylvia.) by Sylvia Plath, â€Å"Araby†(Joyce, James.) by James Joyce, â€Å" Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been† (Oates, Carol Joyce.) by Joyce Carol Oates, and â€Å"The Stone boy† (Berriault, Gina.) by Gina Berriault, each of the authors conveyed the theme of coming of age to shed light on the varying forces that evoke one’s initiation into adulthood. These different forces lead one to change from who they once were, to undergo a†¦show more content†¦Arnold had managed to get the â€Å"rifle caught on the wire,† (2) and when he â€Å"jerked at it,† (2) it had shot Eugie. Instead of returning straight home, possibly to get help for his brother, Arnold had continued on his journey for the pea’s. It wasn’t until much later that Arnold had finally gotten home and bluntly told his parents the unfortunate news. When his father and mother had acknowledged that what Arnold was saying wasn’t some kind of game, they had immediately started treating Arnold as a complete outsider. As soon as Arnold had told his parents, Arnold s father had driven him directly to the sheriff s office. While Arnold and his father had been waiting to speak to the sheriff, â€Å"Arnold felt his father watching him, and be lifted his eyes with painful casualness to the announcement on the opposite wall,† (4). His father had created distance between Arnold and himself by sitting on opposite sides, revealing that his father had slowly started to separate himself from Arnold just after hearing what had happened. After speaking to the sheriff, and stating that he ha d simply just left Eugie alone after the gun had been shot, it was stated that â€Å"His father had stared at him in a pale, puzzled way, and it was then that he had felt his father and the others set their cold, turbulent silence against him,† (5). Motif is shown here as this is the second time that Arnold has felt theShow MoreRelatedEssay about William Wordsworths Nutting1292 Words   |  6 Pagesillustrate his memories.   Prosaic analysis of the lines, [w]here fairy water-breaks do murmur on/For ever; and I saw the sparkling foam (Wordsworth 33) reveals his talent for turning common language into poetic genius.   Wordsworths sensational description of the stream is heightened through his tight fusion of landscape, symbolism and diction. The physical structure contributes as much to the tone of the poem as the words themselves.   The physical presentation of the poem can be seen as parallel toRead MoreCritical Analysis of William Blakes Poem The Tiger1393 Words   |  6 PagesÐ ¨Ã £ÃÅ"ЕÐ Ã ¡ÃÅ¡ÃËœ Ð £Ã ÃËœÃâ€™Ãâ€¢Ã  Ã ¡ÃËœÃ ¢Ãâ€¢Ã ¢ â€Å"ЕПИÐ ¡ÃÅ¡ÃÅ¾ÃÅ¸ КОÐ Ã ¡Ã ¢Ã Ã Ã ¢ÃËœÃ  ПÐ  Ãâ€¢Ã ¡Ãâ€ºÃ Ãâ€™Ã ¡ÃÅ¡ÃËœÃ¢â‚¬  Ð ¤Ã °Ã ºÃ'Æ'Ð »Ã'‚Ð µÃ'‚ Ð ¿Ã ¾ Ã'…Ã'Æ'Ð ¼Ã °Ã ½Ã ¸Ã'‚Ð °Ã'€Ð ½Ã ¸ Ð ½Ã °Ã'Æ'Ð ºÃ ¸ Project title: Write a critical analysis of William Blakes poem The Tiger paying special attention to the stance of the poetic speaker Name: ИÐ ²Ã µÃ »Ã ¸Ã ½ ИÐ ²Ã °Ã ½Ã ¾Ã ² ÐÅ"Ð ¸Ã ½Ã ºÃ ¾Ã ² Faculty number: 1063 Read MoreAnalysis of Facing It by Yusef Komunyakaa Essay example667 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of Facing it by Yusef Komunyakaa Cruel and terrible events forever leave a mark on our memory. Especially, when these events are directly related to person, the memory reproduces every second of what happened. Unfortunately, humanity fully cognized the term of war. Facing it by Yusef Komunyakaa reveals another several sides of the war. Poem tells the reader about which consequences, the war left and how changed peoples lives. The hero identifies itself with the Vietnam VeteransRead MoreCritical Analysis of William Blakes Poem The Tiger1378 Words   |  6 PagesÐ ¨Ã £ÃÅ"ЕÐ Ã ¡ÃÅ¡ÃËœ Ð £Ã ÃËœÃâ€™Ãâ€¢Ã  Ã ¡ÃËœÃ ¢Ãâ€¢Ã ¢ â€Å"ЕПИÐ ¡ÃÅ¡ÃÅ¾ÃÅ¸ КОÐ Ã ¡Ã ¢Ã Ã Ã ¢ÃËœÃ  ПÐ  Ãâ€¢Ã ¡Ãâ€ºÃ Ãâ€™Ã ¡ÃÅ¡ÃËœÃ¢â‚¬  Ð ¤Ã °Ã ºÃ'Æ'Ð »Ã'‚Ð µÃ'‚ Ð ¿Ã ¾ Ã'…Ã'Æ'Ð ¼Ã °Ã ½Ã ¸Ã'‚Ð °Ã'€Ð ½Ã ¸ Ð ½Ã °Ã'Æ'Ð ºÃ ¸ Project title: Write a critical analysis of William Blakes poem The Tiger paying special attention to the stance of the poetic speaker Name: ИÐ ²Ã µÃ »Ã ¸Ã ½ ИÐ ²Ã °Ã ½Ã ¾Ã ² ÐÅ"Ð ¸Ã ½Ã ºÃ ¾Ã ² Faculty number: 1063 Read MoreComparing and Contrasting Jenkins Poem He Loved Light, Freedom and Animals and Bushs Poem Pneumoconiosis1031 Words   |  5 PagesBoth poems have been written about death dying and the loss of loved ones, in a once thriving Welsh mining community. The first poem by Mike Jenkins is a reflection and remembrance by a Father who tragically and suddenly lost his son in a horrific and unfortunate disaster that happened in Aberfan in 1966, where many young lives were lost. The second poem by Duncan Bush in 1995 was written when he was riddled with the disease Pneumoconiosis hence the title of his poem. Pneumoconiosis is a diseaseRead MoreAnalysis Of Brunelleschi s The Tower 1103 Words   |  5 Pageshuge shouting match with the directors of the meeting. He was called â€Å"a buffoon and a babbler.† And had to be thrown out. Brunelleschi’s mysterious design touched their imagination. As a boy, during his goldsmith’s apprenticeship, he mastered drawing and painting, wood carving, sculpture in silver and bronze, stone setting, niello, and enamel work. He also worked on clocks and mastered them. Applying his theoretical and mechanical knowledge to observation of the world, he single-handedly worked outRead MoreEssay about Bone Dreams by Seamus Heaney1953 Words   |  8 PagesBone Dreams by Seamus Heaney – An Analysis Bone Dreams is an obscure and difficult poem to understand. In all my searching on the internet, I found very little to help me in my analysis of this poem and so the ideas are basically my own. I might be wide of the mark, but for anybody struggling to understand this poem, it might at least give you some ideas of your own. I make no apology for asking questions or for sounding vague or even muddled in places. I hope that this essay is of helpRead MoreCome to the Stone by Randall Jarrell1946 Words   |  8 Pagespsychological portrayal of a diverse range of narrative personas in his dramatic monologues, Jarrell displays the dehumanizing forces of war. In the poem, â€Å"Come to the Stone†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Jarrell establishes the simple fact of man’s cruelty and explores the chaotic and confusing experience of war through the eyes of a young boy. The intense experience of this poem is generated in the plain speech of the lines. â€Å"The people are punishing the people, why?† The line isn’t in quotation marks. It’s Jarrell who asksRead MoreAnalysis of Tony Harrisons Poems Essays1225 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of Tony Harrisons Poems After reading and analysing the three Tony Harrison poems I found that, they portray many relationships between families with three members. In all of the poems Harrison was the son and they talked about the relationships between him and his father. Read MoreThemes Of `` The Lottery `` By Shirley Jackson And The Ones Who Walk Away From 1861-18651553 Words   |  7 PagesSafeAssign Logo Help I have chosen to examine the theme of attempted but failed equality in my final paper. The theme of equality is present throughout many of the dystopian short stories, novels, poems and films we have studied in class. The three stories I feel this theme is most present in are â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson, â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† by Kurt Vonnegut and â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas† by Ursula Le Guin. In these stories society tries to make everything orderly and just. Their